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Sunseeker is the result of one man’s vision to build a different kind of boat. Robert Braithwaite worked at several British and American boating companies for years before he was inspired to start a company of his own. The first to make sport and leisure boats in Great Britain, the innovative Bratihwaite released his first boat, the Sovereign 17, in 1971. Responding to customer feedback, Sunseeker found early success making a range of small sporting and leisure boats.

Sunseeker continued to expand and became an international company in the late 1970s, with successful sales of its Offshore 28 in France, Spain, and Germany. Sunseeker continued to perfect its style throughout the years, developing their first superyacht in 2000. Today, Sunseeker has built over 150 superyachts. From luxury yachts to high performance speed boats, Sunseeker continues to break boundaries and push forward to new horizons in their pursuit of boating excellence.


100 Yacht

Soon to be released in 2021, Sunseeker’s 100 Yacht model is a sophisticated superyacht with long lines that command respect. A seamless architecture highlighted with sunbathing areas, a spacious flybridge, and a large beach club are some of its outstanding features. Simple yet sophisticated, this 100 foot luxury yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests and 5 crew members.

50M Ocean Superyacht

Sunseeker’s latest in its superyacht series, the 50M Ocean is spacious and filled with all the comforts of home. This three decked superyacht has a flexible design, allowing the owner to adjust for all kinds of onboard activities. Featuring a beach club and pool, five cabins, as well as a jacuzzi, this bespoke superyacht is sure to impress onlookers.

74 Sport Yacht

With flowing lines and a low profile, this one of a kind sport yacht easily cuts through the water. Built for both speed and pleasure, it has plenty of leisure space both fore and aft. The raised sports style bridge gives the owner a commanding view of the water while allowing for more space below. Able to reach speeds up to 38 knots and with a range of 900 miles, it’s the perfect kind of yacht for fast fun on the water.

Yacht Features


Sunseekers craftsmen have passed their skills on from generation to generation. Careful observation, attention to detail, and technical know how are what makes their craftsmen so proficient. While other companies prefer to assemble their boats with automated machines, at Sunseeker all the work is done by hand. Although their yachts may take longer to complete, Sunseeker believes that the best things in life are worth waiting for.

Made to Order

Each Sunseeker yacht is a unique craft and made to the owner’s specifications. Handmade from start to finish, they provide their customers with a tailored approach, personalizing each part of the yacht from interior to exterior.