Mega Yachts

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Sailing VS Motorized Yachts

When it comes to yachts, size and type matters. Depending on your intended use, a sailing yacht may be a better option than a motorized yacht. Or if you’re planning on a far away trip with lots of company, then you might want to consider a superyacht.

Motorized yachts are the most popular option. They have powerful engines but no sails and are around 60 feet long. Sailing yachts have sails and are usually smaller than motorized yachts. An antiquated technology, sails can still take you where you need to go. Although they may take longer to reach their destinations, sailing yachts provide a more classic, intimate sailing experience.

What is Superyacht

Although there isn’t a specific rule on how large megayachts have to be, most consider such ship to be at least 80 feet or more long. It can accommodate more passengers than traditional yachts, at least 10, are staffed by larger crews, and have multiple decks. Despite size and capacity, what really sets superyachts apart from the rest are the amenities. Pools, saunas, massage rooms, and hot tubs are just a few of the luxuries you can expect to enjoy here. What’s more, they are exquisitely furnished and staffed by crews that will cater to your every need. These vessels are made for people who value both luxury and comfort.

Shipyards and Fleet

Each brand is discussed in detail with topics divided into smaller sections:

  • Brand history - here you’ll learn about how the brand got started, grew, and became the successful company that it is today.
  • Shipyard locations - locations of shipyards and dealers are provided so you’ll know where to look if you want to purchase a yacht of your own.
  • Types of Products - the best models are displayed and described in detail.
  • Main concepts - company’s mission, vision, or unique qualities are outlined.
  • Features – special features are discussed.
  • Fleet – list of all luxury vessels ever made by a manufacturer with detailed descriptions.