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Officially formed by a group of entrepreneurs and businessmen in 1949, Feadship has historical ties to craftsmen who worked for the prestigious De Vries and Van Lent families as early as the 1800s.

Feadship’s Formation

Following the immense destruction of World War II, Feadship’s founders had to search beyond the limits of a devastated European market for new clientele. They found eager buyers in America and decided to form a new company, inviting several prominent American businessmen to invest. Feadship was officially formed in 1949 in Amsterdam.

Early Success in the US

Feadship introduced itself to the American market in 1951 at the New York Boat show and was an instant success selling three boats. Orders continued to grow and Americans were particularly impressed by the way Feadship made most of its yachts out of steel, as most were made from wood at the time. Over the next few decades, Feadship continued to grow and become a popular boating brand in the United States.

International Business and Continued Expansion

The 1970s, 80s, and 90s saw Feadship expand to other markets, in particular the Middle East. As the oil economy boomed so did the yacht building businesses, and businessmen were eager to order custom-designed superyachts from Feadship’s shipyards. Feadship continues to expand its operations today with more clients in the Chinese market.


  • Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw (HQ). AALSMEER, The Netherlands.
  • De Vries Scheepsbouw Makkum. MAKKUM, The Netherlands.
  • Royal Van Lent Shipyard (HQ). DE KAAG, The Netherlands.
  • Royal Van Lent Amsterdam. AMSTERDAM, Amsterdam.


Project 3249

Completely originally designed from bow to stern, Project 3249 is a sight to behold. A tasteful blend of masculine and feminine elements, it’s dark blue hull impresses onlookers while lowering the profile, making it look more a part of its natural surroundings. A particularly large superyacht, it has six full sized guest suites. At 69.75 meters long, it’s packed full of all the comforts of home, including a cinema, a wine cellar, and even a swimming pool built right into the stern.


Partnering with Merveille Yachting, Feadship designed an environmentally-friendly superyacht with new wing propulsion technology. Eco-friendly, it conserves energy in many ways, such as with its automatic wind turbines and solar panels. It’s all new mast system, the Aero Oceanwings, are run automatically and adjust to varying conditions on the seas, allowing it to reach 18 knots on just wind. With these and other additions, the Eco-Explorer uses up to 70 percent less fossil fuel than a superyacht of equal size.