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Founded in 1958, Sanlorenzo has been building custom-made yachts for over sixty years. This Italian company prides itself in building yachts that reflect the owner’s style and personality. Following a detailed design process, they consult with the client to determine the specifics, including the number of cabins, style, and any other speciality items the client might want included. Sanlorenzo’s interior designers often take inspiration from the client’s home to help them capture each client’s individual style. Using the best artisans and craftsmen, Sanlorenzo staff provide clients with virtually limitless design options. In both the interior and exterior, customers choose each and every detail. From the kind of wood used in the furniture, to the carpet and lighting, few other yacht companies offer clients such close involvement in the design process.

Building a custom yacht is a difficult, detailed process but one that Sanlorezo has mastered. Each yacht is as special as the customer, with their own personality and style built into it. Building yachts since 1958, Sanlorenzo is one of the most reputable custom yacht builders in the world.


Located in Liguria, Italy on the banks of the river Magra, Sanlorenzo’s shipyard has been building top of the line yachts since 1958. Because so much time, care, and detail is devoted to making sure each yacht fits the owner’s style and personality, the shipyard only takes fifty orders a year. Since its beginnings over 60 years ago, the Sanlorenzo shipyard has completed over 1000 yachts.


SL Yacht Range

Luxurious and practical at the same time, Sanlorenzo’s SL Range has five models ranging from 24 to 38 meters. Each model is available in several versions and can be altered according to the owner’s specifications and style.

SD Yacht Range

With designs inspired by those classic cruise liners of the 1930s, the SD Range makes a big statement on the water. Hard to ignore, these semi-displacement models are made from lightweight composite materials and come in models from 24 to 38 meters. With large fuel tanks and excellent fuel consumption, they are ideal for long distance travel.

SX Yacht Range

Sanlorenzo’s SX Range is a new kind of yacht. A modern design with a high superstructure commands respect on the open water. A contemporary yacht with spaces adjustable for all kinds of activities, it’s ideal for modern yacht owners.

Main Values

Sanlorenzo designs and builds yachts that stand the test of time and are unique works of art. Their mission is simple: to be the best yachtbuilders for owners who don’t compromise on excellence. It’s a place where owners can test out new innovations and take part in the design themselves. Sanlorenzo hopes to set the standard in made to order yachts for years to come.