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Today one of the world’s foremost yacht builders, Azimut began in 1969 with the dream of one young man named Paulo Vitelli who started a charter boat company in Italy.

First Successes

Azimut continued to grow and develop through the 1970s as they took on more well known brands for charter throughout Italy. Besides simply chartering boats, Azimut now began designing yachts of their own. Their first, the AZ 43 foot Bali, was a huge success. Throughout the rest of the decade, the company expanded its product line to include yachts for consumers of all classes. From the affordable AZ 32 foot Targa to the luxurious AZ 105 foot Failaka, Azimut’s yachts began to gain international notoriety.

New Growth and Increased Status

Acquisition of the well-known brand Benetti in 1985 provided Azimut with the know-how to design and build large-scale superyachts, as Benetti was known for. Azimut used this newfound expertise to design a new line of superyachts renowned for their luxurious interiors.

Azimut continued expansion in the 1990s and opened new shipyards in Avigliana and Fano, quickly becoming one of the most productive yacht builders in the world. With the right leadership making savvy decisions and a development team committed to pushing technological boundaries, Azimut’s success and capacity continues to grow with its new shipyards in Brazil.

Locations and Shipyards

A truly international yacht dealer, Azimut has locations and shipyards all over the globe, stretching from the USA to Shanghai.

Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA

Service Center. A service and sales center for Azimut’s clients in North and Central America, it offers delivery services as well as training programs to make sure the customer is completely satisfied and confident with their new yacht.

Itajai, Brazil

Shipyard. Servicing their clients in South America and in particular Brazil, this shipyard allows customers to get a closer look at the design and construction process.

Avigliana, Italy

Head Offices/Shipyard. Azimut’s head management location is set next to a 50,000 square meter shipyard equipped with the latest tech and specializes in building yachts less than 72 feet.

Savona/Varazze, Italy

Delivery Center. A delivery point and service center located in Savona Port.

Viareggio, Italy

Shipyard/Styling Lounge. Much more than just your average shipyard, this site is where Azimut designs and builds its largest luxury yachts. Filled with the best boating experts and craftsmen, it also has a lounge where clients can get a closer look at the design process.

Azimut-Benetti Shanghai Representative, China

Representative offices, Sales and Service Center. Azimut has been doing business in China since 2008 and has several dealers in the largest coastal cities.

Types of Products

Flybride Collection

Designed with a view in mind, Azimut’s Flybridge collection yachts allow passengers to look out at the sea free of distractions. An uninterrupted deck and large windows allow for a maximum viewing experience.

S Collection

S Collection yachts are the perfect blend of luxury and sport. Outfitted with a high performance motor and the latest boating technology, it’s exterior strikes a sporty profile while it’s interior provides an elegant, welcoming atmosphere.

Magellano Collection

Designed for people who enjoy the journey as much as the destination, Magello Collection yachts offer passengers all the comforts of home. With large living spaces and luxurious cabins, you won’t want to get off the boat.

Yacht Features

Specially Designed Hulls

Each of Azimut’s yachts is designed from top to bottom with features unique to the yacht and its needs, resulting in optimal performance.
  • Flybridge and Atlantis Collection - Azimut’s Flybridge and Atlantis collection are equipped with a hard chine planing hull, which allows the boat to get to plan faster as well as reduces drag while planing.
  • S Collection - The S Collection’s hull is specially designed to accommodate three motor POD propulsion systems.
  • Magellano Collection - Equipped with a dual mode semi-planing hull, the yachts of the Magellano Collection can achieve around 30% more speed with the same engine as a displacement hull can.
  • Grande Collection - The Grande Collection’s displacement to planing hull comes equipped with a double chine and wave piercer, allowing it to achieve faster speeds and greater maneuverability even on choppy water.

Quality Control

Each yacht is designed and built with the latest technologies and testing techniques available. There is a constant dialogue between research and development, production, and control, resulting in a product with impeccable performance. Using a range of tests to ensure the structural integrity of the yacht as well as the safety of materials used, including chemical, ultrasound, DSC analysis, and wavescan control, Azimut’s quality control enforces the highest boating industry standards.