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A company with over a century of boat building experience, Benetti is truly an historical company that is still relevant today. Part of what made Benetti so successful, despite the trials and torments of the 20th century, was their vision and drive to see it through. Since its founding in 1873, Benetti’s mission has been to provide the world with the most beautiful, reliable, innovative yachts, and to provide assistance anywhere, anytime.

Another factor in Benetti’s success is that it has always been and remains a family owned business. With traditions passed on through the generations, it’s founder’s values still influence policy decisions to this day, setting the standard for excellence in the yacht world. A company with a rich history, excellent leadership, and always on the cutting edge of boating technology, Benetti is one of the most recognizable yacht brands in the world.


From Viareggio Shipyards to Film

Founded in 1873 in the Italian shipyards of Viareggio by Fratelli Benetti, the company slowly grew in fame and prestige to become the most popular yacht brand to date. It’s yachts have shown up in pop culture, cinema, and music, such as the famous 86 meter Nabila’s appearance in the James Bond film, “Never Say Never Again”. A record breaking yacht for its time, the Nabila was released in 1979 and was known as the peak of modern boating luxury.

A Change of Leadership

After over 100 years of family ownership, Benetti was acquired by fellow Italian yacht company Azimut in 1985. Under the new leadership of Azimut owner Paulo Vitelli, Benetti launched a series of new Luxury Pocket Yachts, which sold very popularly and helped to revamp Benetti’s notoriety.


Headquartered in their historic shipyard in Viareggio, Italy, Benetti has locations to serve their clients all over the world:
  • Viareggio, Italy, Headquarters;
  • Livorno, Italy, Shipyards;
  • London, UK, Offices;
  • Fort Lauderdale, USA, Offices;
  • Hong Kong, APAC, Offices;
  • Dubai, UAE, Offices;
  • Yachtique, Italy, Styling Lounge;
  • Lusben, Italy, Refit.


Class Selection, Diamond 145

Benetti’s Diamond 145 is the ideal combination of the Class Selection’s best characteristics: luxury, comfort, and safety. With large windows and fluid lines, it feels like the sea is just an arm’s length away. At 144 feet long with 10 cabins, it strikes an impressive profile on the open seas.

B.Yond Selection, 37M

Yachts of the B.Yond Selection are designed for long journeys in comfort. What’s more, the B.Yond 37M is ecologically designed to reduce its impact on the environment. With different modes to reduce carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency, it’s owners can enjoy a greener boating experience without sacrificing luxury.

Oasis Selection, 40M

Benneti’s Oasis Selection is a massive 133 foot luxury yacht with plenty of space on board. With an interior that combines luxury with modernism and an elegant exterior, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sea.

Yacht Features

What makes Benetti’s yachts distinct from others is that theirs are 100% designed and built in Italy using only Italian products. Benetti chooses to stay loyal to its local roots because they want to show the world that Italian shipbuilders are simply the best. Whether hiring local craftsmen to provide the woodwork for their immaculate interiors, or using the latest boating technologies to evolve their products, Benetti is proud of its heritage. Working together toward the common goal of boating excellence, their designers, craftsmen, managers, and engineers are committed to providing their clients with the best products possible.