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With over 40 years of experience building luxury yachts, Heesen is a yacht company committed to turning their client’s dreams into reality. Their skilled craftsmen and experienced designers are dedicated to delivering products that will meet and even exceed customer expectations. Offering top of the line service at all times, Heesen works closely with clients to deliver on their vision.

It all began in 1978 when Founder Frans Heesen acquired Striker Boats. Over 40 years later, Heesen has grown to become one of the finest super-yacht companies in the world. Continuing to push today’s boating boundaries into a brighter future, Heesen is always on the cutting edge of technological advancement. Heesen is based out of Oss, The Netherlands, where they design and build their luxury superyachts.


Each Heesen yacht is custom made for individual clients. Below is a list of some of their most impressive yachts to date.
  • Soulmates - this 55 meter yacht is made from steel and tops out at 15.5 knots. With a sleek, modern exterior and warm, welcoming interior, it’s a pleasure boat that’s sure to impress.
  • Amare II - made from aluminum, the Amare II is one of Heesen’s most recent super yachts. Released in 2020, this 50 meter giant offers spacious cabins, luxury furniture, and all the comforts of home. With it’s fast displacement hull, it can reach speeds up to 17.2 knots.
  • Masa - the Masa is a 50 meter luxury yacht built for speed. With a lightweight aluminum design and semi-displacement hull, it can achieve speeds up to 23 knots.

Yacht Features

Over 170 completed yachts have set sail since Heesen began in 1978. Designing signature yachts while never straying from their unique style, each Heesen yacht is truly a work of art.

Heesen strives to make improvements on every new yacht they make. It’s this commitment to innovation that places Heesen ahead of the competition. Clients are always impressed at how involved they can be in the design process. From specialized hulls to hybrid technology, Heesen yachts are some of the savviest boats on the water.

Hybrid Tech

Heesen’s concern for the environment and desire to reduce their carbon emissions inspired them to build a greener yacht. They came up with a hybrid yacht that functions on both fuel and electrical energy, reducing carbon emissions while at the same time running much quieter. This innovative propulsion system functions at full capacity without sacrificing speed or performance.

Specialized Hull

One of the toughest challenges when designing yachts is making them sail as smoothly as possible. Passengers won’t be pleased if they experience anything less than a calm ride. Heesen solved this problem with their innovative fast displacement hull, which virtually eliminates vertical movement when sailing and also increases speed.