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An Italian boating company, Ferretti began making yachts in 1968. Ferretti specializes in small to medium sized luxury yachts (50 to 100 feet long). Their yachts are the perfect blend of comfort and performance, equipped with the latest boating technologies and amenities to make lasting memories out on the water.



Ferretti’s newest project, the 1000 series is a 100 foot long luxury yacht with a relaxing beach area in the aft and a flybridge for gazing out on the open sea. The largest yacht model that Ferretti has built to date, its impressive profile stands head and shoulders above the rest. With two interior design options, classic and contemporary, owners can choose a style that fits their mood. Designed with the best materials and exquisite Italian furniture, it’s sure to put you in the mood for adventure.


Ferretti’s 920 boasts an innovative maxi-flybridge with beautiful decor for a stunning contemporary look. The first model to incorporate a wide body concept, its profile makes a strong first impression. At a length just under 24 meters, it can still be registered as a pleasure boat. With a striking raised bow and plenty of places to relax, the 920 model is one of Ferretti’s most popular luxury yachts.


A new look on Ferretti’s classic 50 foot yachts, the 500 series is a modern adaptation of earlier models. Available in two different styles, it’s a new standard of compact comfort. Designed using every inch of available space, it has many of the comforts usually afforded to larger yachts alone.

Main Values

Comfort with an Emphasis on Wellness

The guiding principle behind each of Ferretti’s yachts is pleasure. Ferretti wants its passengers to be as comfortable as possible, and this is expressed in each detail of the interior design. A fusion of style and practicality creates a warm inner space while panoramic windows provide spectacular views at the surrounding ocean.

Dedication to Innovation

A world famous proponent of Italian boating culture, Ferretti has always been on the cutting edge of innovation. Never afraid to take risks, Ferretti has pioneered numerous new boating technologies and methods that have changed the yachting world. A few notable innovations are the Ferretti Trim and Drag Reduction system and stabilisation systems for when at anchor.

Ferretti’s dedication to research and development is shown in their constant stream of innovations. They are always improving their products to make them both easier to use and more enjoyable to spend time in.