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Damen yachting is a company with a rich history and shipping roots stretching back for centuries. Damen’s headquarters are located in Vlissingen, an historic Dutch shipyard on the North Sea founded in 1315 which served such notable organizations as the Dutch West India Company. Damen officially acquired the former Royal Schedule shipyard in Vlissingen in 2000.

In 1991 Damen acquired Amels, another Dutch shipbuilder which specialized in luxury yachts. Since that time, Damen has diversified its portfolio to include everything from luxury yachts to commercial vessels and remains family owned.


A shipbuilding company with over thirty-five shipbuilding locations worldwide, Damen builds everything from yachts, to tugboats, to ships for the navy. Their main shipyards are listed below.
  • Vlissingen City, The Netherlands. Headquarters, home of Amel’s superyachts.
  • Vlissingen East, The Netherlands. Shipyard.
  • Damen Yachting Gdynia, Poland. Hull building, main limited editions producer since 2005.
  • Damen Shipyards Antalya, Turkey. Located in Antalya’s free trade zone, main yacht building hub in Turkey.
  • Damen Shipyards Galati, Romania. Project site for large, custom yachts, largest of Damen’s shipyards.


Amel’s Limited Editions

A revolutionary innovation which made its first appearance at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2005, Amel’s Limited Editions is a superyacht range which allows for both fast delivery time and customization. A huge success among yacht owners, the Limited Editions line has delivered over 40 custom made yachts since 2005.

Full Custom

Damen also offers fully customizable yachts, where its clients have the option to choose both interior and exterior design. Designed and executed by their team of expert craftsmen and engineers, these custom yachts are available in all variations. Some of the most notable of the Full Custom line are Amel’s Project 77 and Project Signature superyachts.


Damen’s SeaXplorer line offers owners the ability to travel into less-explored areas while enjoying the finest boating luxury available. Designed with expedition in mind, these superyachts come equipped with the latest marine technologies, allowing its passengers to explore the seas safely. The perfect blend of comfort and adventure, three of these massive exploring platforms have been built so far.

The Damen Team

With a team of over 500 individuals from all corners of the world, Damen runs the world’s largest superyachts building facilities out of its headquarters in Vlissingen.

Engineering and Design

Damen’s engineers’ value of quality over quantity, attention to detail, and pride in the final product is what sets them apart from other design teams. Using the latest engineering software, their team of over 100 designers and engineers continues to develop new, innovative boating solutions.


When it comes to Damen shipbuilding, quality comes first. While running and operating the largest yacht building yards in the Netherlands isn’t easy, Damen’s production capacity is sustained by its builders and craftsmen, who are all skilled artisans dedicated to perfection.