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Founded in 1965, Princess is located in one of Great Britain’s most historic port cities, Plymouth. An historic shipyard with roots dating back to the 1600s, Plymouth has long been the center of Britain’s naval expansion. In fact, it was from Plymouth that the Pilgrims set sail to begin colonies in America. Plymouth is currently home to the largest shipyard and naval base in Western Europe, Devonport Dockyard.

With over 1 million acres of shipyard to call their own, Princess builds their superyachts in this historic harbor. With yachts designed to the owner’s preferences, their local craftsman, descendants of earlier Plymouth shipbuilders, are truly masters of their art. Committed to taking care of the environment as well as their clients, Princess has partnered with the Marine Conservation Society to restore the damaged Eddystone reef located off Plymouth. Building some of Great Britain’s biggest luxury yachts, Princess continues to innovate while staying true to their craftsman roots.

Princess has a wide network of distributors around the world to service their customers. With dealers on every continent and in over fifty countries, you’re certain to find a shipyard near you.


Princess X95

Uniquely designed at 95 foot long, the X95’s long flybridge and main deck provide guests with a more expansive experience. With a large fuel capacity for long voyages, owners can really get out and explore. Spacious with luxurious interior design, this adventurous yacht will thrill any passenger.

Princess Y95

Built to perform, the Y95’s patented deep-V hull and wave breaking bow allow it to achieve speeds up to 25 knots. Its performance on the water is coupled with a relaxing atmosphere complete with a bathing platform and sun deck. Featuring the biggest hull windows on any Princess yacht and spacious design, it feels much bigger than its class.

Main Values

Dedication to Detail

Princess’ team of designers, architects, and engineers are dedicated to making sure every square inch of their yachts are ready for the water. Each piece of the final product is crafted by their experts in the Plymouth shipyard, allowing management to keep a close eye on progress and ensure Princess’ high standards are being met.

Constant Innovation

Princess is constantly innovating and testing the latest boating technologies to improve their world class luxury yachts. A groundbreaking innovation worth mentioning, deep-V hulls allow their yachts to achieve maximum speeds while conserving power and fuel. Made from a lightweight composite material which provides more volume than other hulls, the deep-V hull is both an ecological and an engineering success.

Ensuring Customer Safety

The safety and security of their customers and guests is a top priority for Princess. That’s why they offer new yacht owners a free two-year emergency service. Owners have access to constant medical and security service, provided by a large worldwide staff. Conveniently placed to monitor and respond to maritime emergencies as soon as possible, Princess owners can relax knowing they are in good hands.